The young man left for the airport despite having tested positive for Corona virus

Journalist Bansari Bhavsar, Ahmedabad.

People entering Ahmedabad were tested for corona.

The young man left positively and went to the airport

Reporting to the corporation at the airport stopped there.

Ahmedabad is currently undergoing antigen testing by AMC to prevent corona infection. Then during this test, the report of a young man came positive. The AMC was in the process of sending him for treatment. However, the young man had to go to America and miss his flight. The young man then left for the airport disobeying the medical team. The medical officer immediately informed the Ahmedabad airport about this and he was stopped from boarding the flight. Thus, due to the vigilance of the medical team of Ahmedabad and the airport system, many people survived the Corona infection. What happened? AMC is conducting antigen testing of corona of tourists entering the city from Express Highway Toll Plaza, SP Ring Road. Tourists traveling in a Tavera car today were also tested. In which a tourist corona came positive. He then persuaded them to take treatment but the tourists left for the airport saying we have to catch a flight to America so we will not stop. The positive patient was later reported to the airport and stopped there. He was later shifted to Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad by 108 ambulances. Thus due to the coordination and vigilance of Ahmedabad Corporation and the airport, many tourists were saved from the corona.

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