Stunning artwork of Ganesha statue by Ashish Patel, a sculptor living in Surat

New Delhi: Preparations are underway to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in the Koro era. This famous festival will not be celebrated all over the country this year. The way it is planned every year. On Ganesh Chaturthi, people all over the country are slowly setting up statues of Ganesha, but this time people are seen setting up their homes because of the corona. You will applaud the imagination of sculptor Ashish Patel, who lives in Surat, Gujarat, and bow down to Sriganesha. Patel has created the corona-killing Ganapati, introducing his wonderful art. A sculptor in Bengaluru, Karnataka has created a very creative statue of Ganapatiji. Sculptor Sridhar has shaped Ganeshji, a disruptor who overcomes all kinds of obstacles, into a doctor and a nurse. It is seen in this idol that Ganapati himself is serving the patients with his own hands. Sridhar through him represents the Doctor as the Lord of the Earth. A sculptor from Tamil Nadu has also imagined Sriganesha as a Corona Warrior. This artist named Raja also wants to show a fierce battle between Sriganesha and Corona, in which Corona has to face defeat. The effort of this artist from Chhattisgarh to beat Corona is wonderful. The sculptor, a resident of Raipur, has made a statue of Ganapati from a mixture of paper, tree, grain, spices and herbs. Many immunity-enhancing drugs have also been used in the statue.

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