‘New Corona’ found in Malaysia

Researchers in Malaysia have discovered a new corona that is 10 times more contagious than normal. The corona mutation is known worldwide as the D614G. The case is said to have started after a Malaysian restaurant owner has now completed the required 14-day quarantine period after arriving from India.

The accused can be sentenced to 5 months imprisonment and fine for breaking the quarantine rule. A similar case was reported in a young man from the Philippines. 3 out of 45 people are seen here. America’s top health adviser, Dr. Faisi said the mutation could speed up the spread of the corona. The speed of vaccine development will be low: Noor Hisham Abdullah, director-general of the Malaysian Department of Health, said the new mutation in the coronavirus could have serious consequences. It may also fail the techniques that are still being developed to make vaccines and prevent mutations. That’s what the World Health Organization said :
This mutation in the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the United States and Europe. The World Health Organization said it had not yet received any evidence. Mutations from the coronavirus are causing serious illness in humans. Appeal for cooperation to the people of Malaysia: The director-general of the Malaysian health department said people need to be more vigilant and cautious. Corona’s new virus has been found in Malaysia. The cooperation of people is needed so that we can break the link of transition from mutation.

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