Nehrubridge closed in Ahmedabad from today, will be completely closed to motorists till April 27 as repairs are underway

journalist Bansari Bhavsar

The Nehru Bridge, one of the seven bridges on the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad, has been closed for 45 days from today. The bridge will remain closed to motorists until April 27 as repairs are underway. This instruction has been given by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation by issuing a notice. Drivers heading towards Ashram Road as well as Lal Darwaza will have to use other bridges.

Drivers will have to use Ellisbridge as a second route to the Red Gate and Victoria Gardens as well as Ashram Road.

The Nehru Bridge was built over the Sabarmati River in 1962. Large cracks are seen in some places on the Nehru Bridge and the bearings of the pillars are also slanted. A Bhopal-based company has been awarded a contract to repair the bridge at a cost of Rs 3.50 crore.

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