Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Modi said- Farmers will benefit from the new farmers’ bill

Journalist Bansari Bhavsar.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation for the 69th time through the Mann Ki Baat program. His focus during the Koro crisis, on the other hand, was to take care of the children and the farmer’s bill. He expressed confidence that the new farmer bill would only benefit the farmers. They will be able to sell their crops and fruits wherever they can get good prices. The Prime Minister also hinted at China and Pakistan in the gesture.Farmers ‘Confidence – The Farmers’ Bill will benefit themI have received a letter from farmers and organizations. What changes are taking place in agriculture? Kanwar Chauhan, a farmer from Haryana, said he had difficulty selling fruits and vegetables outside the mandis. The vehicles were confiscated. The APMC Act was amended in 2014. He created a set. Now their items are being supplied to a five star hotel. Are earning two and a half crore a year. This power is the power of other farmers in the country.Wheat, cereals, sugarcane, whatever the crop, have got the power to sell wherever it pleases. Farmers in Pune, Mumbai are running their own weekly market. Which has a direct benefit. Farmers will benefit from the new farmer bill. Where there is good price, the farmer can sell fruits and vegetables.

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