Important decision of Gujarat High Court for fixed salary employees

Journalist Bansari Bhavsar,Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat High Court has passed an important order affecting millions of fixed salary holders in the state. The Gujarat High Court has said that any employee working for the state government on a regular basis or on a fixed salary cannot be dismissed without a departmental inquiry. In a case pending in the High Court, the court said it was against the law to dismiss a person without conducting a departmental inquiry on the basis that he was working on a fixed salary. This observation has been made by the Gujarat High Court. The state government’s appeal against the fixed salary employees has been rejected by the court. What will be the effect of this decision Millions of employees in various departments of the state government are working on fixed salaries. In case of any hindrance during their fixed pay period, they are dismissed without any investigation. But after the decision of the High Court, if there is any dispute or any matter against a fixed salary employee, then a departmental inquiry will be made mandatory. The government will not be able to fire any employee until this investigation is completed.

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