BARC’s big decision after Republic controversy: Weekly TRP list of news channels to be suspended for 8 to 12 weeks

Bansari Bhavsar

Television Rating Points (TRP) will be suspended for the next 8-10 weeks. The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has proposed. The council’s technical committee will review the entire TRP declaration process and resume it only after validation. In the last few days, Mumbai Police has claimed that many channels like Republic increase the TRP by giving money. What is TRP?TRP stands for Television Rating Point. This is a way to find out the popularity of any TV program and the number of audiences. How many people watched a show, this is known from TRP. If the TRP of a show is high, it means that people are choosing that show or that channel more. Advertisers know from TRP which shows will be beneficial to advertise. Simply put, TRP lets you know how many people from social and economic backgrounds are watching the channel for how long, which can be in an hour, a day, or a few weeks.BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) is an industry body, jointly owned by advertisers, ad agencies, and broadcasting companies. It is co-owned by the Indian Society of Advertisers, the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, and the Advertising Agencies Association of India. Every Thursday, Bark releases its data. Divide into the audience’s demographics, age, education, income, etc. to show how many people have watched the show and how many times. The channel’s advertising revenue is also based on this. This means that what the whole country is watching is revealed by the devices on the TVs of these 45 thousand families. Bark keeps the device secret, but even before allegations of tampering were made. The allegations of the Mumbai Police Commissioner are new allegations in this regard. According to a report by FICCI and Ernst & Young, India’s TV industry was worth Rs 78,700 crore last year. In this too, TRP has been the main criterion for advertisers to advertise. TV channels affect TRP in two ways. If they find out where the Bar-O-Meter or People’s Meter is located first, they can motivate the families to watch their channel by giving them cash or gifts directly. Second, it can be ensured by cable operators or multi-system operators that viewers see their channel first.

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