Ahmedabad: Work on water aerodrome for Sea Plane has started and it will become a platform in two days

Journalist Bansari Bhavsar, ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream is about to come true. The first seaplane in India will be launched from Sabarmati Riverfront. The construction of water aerodrome has started on the Sabarmati coast. The jetty has reached Ahmedabad. Work is underway to bring the jetty into the water, which also includes the fire team. Gautam Dutta, Managing Director, Marine Tech India, said that 6 JTs have reached Ahmedabad and the construction of the platform will be completed in two days. A jetty weighs approximately 18 tons. The connection will be made by lowering 6 jetties in the water and the platform will be prepared. However, special care is taken to ensure that the water does not go with the flow. Usually, the jetty is made of steel or even wood but this jetty is made with new technology. There is a concrete jetty. Cochin and Goa before the concrete jetty and the third project is being done in Ahmedabad. The water aerodrome will be completed by the end of October and the seaplane will be launched. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate. It will take about 50 minutes to cover a distance of 200 km between Ahmedabad and Kevadia. However, the journey will get a boost as the seaplane starts.

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