1200 students to Rs. 3.96 crore stipend not given: AMC’s negligence

Journalist Bansari Bhavsar, Ahmedabad.

  • Anger at not giving 66 days stipend to NHL and AMCMET students
  • Gujarat Medical Association tweeted and demanded payment of stipend
  • The stipend amounting to Rs 3.96 crore has not been paid by the municipal corporation for two months

The Gujarat High Court had directed the medical students to perform their duties in Korona. The government was also asked to provide a stipend. While corona duty has been assigned to students of state medical colleges including NHL and AMCMET, 12 students of AMCMET and NHL have not been paid a stipend of Rs 3.96 crore by the municipal corporation for two months at the rate of Rs 500. The Gujarat Medical Student Association has demanded payment of this stipend. The Gujarat Medical Students Association has tweeted that since August 10, i.e. 66 days, medical students of AMCMET and NHL colleges have not been paid the stipend of Corona’s duty. Approximately 1200 students including 750 NHL and 450 AMCMET students. 1200 students get Rs. 3.96 crore has not been paid to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The amount has not been paid even after the Gujarat High Court’s order to give a stipend to the students. Currently, other dental, medical, and physiotherapy students are being placed on corona duty. When will the corporation pay the stipend for all this? Our demand and request is that the stipend amount is paid on time. Along with teaching, they are doing Corona’s duty.

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